Our Mission

Moonlit Haven was started as a project to expand upon Starlight Fair, a kawaii cottagecore, fairycore, and princesscore clothing and accessory shop. The owner wanted to find ways to bring the same unique enchantment from the brand's apparel and ornamentation into fairgoer's homes and gardens. Moonlit Haven hopes you find serenity and delight in its wares, and that they charm the lives of its patrons and their loved ones!

We sincerely believe that when individuals join together, they can make a positive difference in the world. As a result, like its sister shop Starlight Fair, Moonlit Haven donates 5% of each sale to charity. Our current charity is No Baby Blister, an organization that helps those with EB disease and related illnesses around the world, especially in places stricken by poverty. It also provides support for their loved ones, and is working towards discovering cures. Stay tuned for other developments at our shop and easy ways to help make the world a better and more magical place!

As a thank you for your curiosity, here is a ticket for 5% off your next purchase to use whenever you return to have a look at our cozy secret boutique!