Partner with Us Info

We offer a partner program! Get a free 15% off coupon code to share with family and friends and earn a portion of each sale!

HOW TO SIGN UP: Contact/DM @moonlitheavenofficial on Instagram for more information, or sign up using the "Partner" button in our website menu! We welcome new partners and love to share our good fortune with others!

HOW TO LOG IN OR ACESS PARTNER BOOTH: For existing Moonlit Haven visitors, please use the "Partner" button in our website menu and click login to access your information!


Is it free to sign up and use? 

Are there minimums for sales?

Is there a minimum age to be a partner/Starlight Fairgoer? What do I need to sign up? 
We only ask for applicants to be 18 or up and have a valid Paypal email to send out your earned rewards/payments at sign up. All other fields are optional, but include your Instagram/social media if you have it!

What do I need to do? 
It's as simple as sharing a coupon code! You provide one at sign up. Whenever someone uses your code, you get rewards/payments around once a month save for occasional delays! Put it in your social media bios and enjoy 15% off for friends, family, and yourself for as long as you are a partner!

What does the 15% off coupon code apply to?
It applies to everything in the store! 

Do I get other deals/secrets/coupon tickets to share/use?
Yes! We come out with new deals and generally our partners are the first to know about them! Just login to your Partner Booth for Creatives and keep an eye out for Instagram DMs and emails for news!