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Moonlit Heaven

Moonlit Heaven Academia Library of Enchantment Game Book DIY Mini Model Set Toy Kit

Moonlit Heaven Academia Library of Enchantment Game Book DIY Mini Model Set Toy Kit

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🌸 Turn a new page in your life! 🌸

Have you ever wanted to create something not only lovely and adorable, but also functional, and totally unique? If you've dreamed of having something to enchant your bookcase shelves, you've found just the thing! Make use of your innate skill and learn a new hobby that is meditative and relaxing, that also hones your dexterity. It’s proven that activities that make use of the mind and hands, and involves planning and following instructions promotes links between the brain’s synapses and the body, strengthening the connection and fending off premature disorders of the mind. You’ll be enchanted and charmed by the finished product- a rose-colored bakery with displays lined with lifelike pastries of all kinds, straight out of the kitchens of Versailles! Its gorgeous pastel tones will bewitch you, and the included lights will allow its beauty to be seen by both light of the sun or the moon. Every detail and trinket will be assembled by your own hand, an enriching creative experience to be savored alone or with a friend (or even two)!

🌸  Each chapter is a new surprise! 🌸

Eco friendly/reduce waste- Each kit includes the perfect amount of material to dream up your dazzling scene!
Fortify your mind- Use your mind and body in tandem enjoying a creative activity- both will thank you for your proactivity in maintaining neurons that promote a healthy brain in the future!

Trigger your flow state- Take your mind off life’s stresses and indulge a calm, healthy and productive hobby that brings joy to you and others!

Create alone or with loved ones- Work through your kit as a solitary activity of self-love and stress and anxiety relief or team up to make something everyone involved can look back on and smile. Build happy memories and foster stronger interpersonal relationships!  

A one of a kind treasure- All who behold your finished kit will be captivated by its detail and rarity- it will be entirely distinctive, bearing your own unique touch.

For the gleeful artist- Whether you be completely new to the hobby of modelmaking or a seasoned professional, you will breathe a sigh of relief at the ease and thoughtfulness of Moonlit Heaven’s kits. The included instructions, convenient organization of materials, and aesthetically pleasing carrying case provide a stress-free and fun-filled experience for you to enjoy to its full extent.

Paint a masterpiece in 3d- Your kit’s design will gratify and elate you with its attention to detail and idyllic subject matter. Skilled artisans have conjured up a scene to elevate the mind and divert it with life’s sweetness. You will gaze upon the finished product and glimpse a peek at the world as it should be- romanticized, peaceful, and completely gorgeous.

Glow like a firefly- Admire the triumph of your completed kit by the warm glow of its included fairy lights to enjoy its glory even when night falls!

🌸 And you lived happily ever after! 🌸

It's the bane of a creative’s existence- wanting to make something lovely and picturesque to enjoy but feeling overwhelmed by the cost of accumulating and keeping track of all the different parts and supplies required. Gone are the days of scouring multiple shops to make a beautiful DIY craft project! You’ll enjoy the ease of having perfect amount of just the things you need to fill your days with something you’ll be proud of and fully bask in the act of creating, all in one convenient place. Thanks to the preplanning of our skilled artisan designers, the entire process will be streamlined and made as smooth and satisfying as possible. The joy of creation, of making delightful art, will fill you with a sense of accomplishment the moment it is completed, an intricate, detailed snapshot of a picturesque, adorable scene from a happy , sweet dream- all without the fuss and extra spending. You’ll be reminded that the world is full of lovely things, no matter how small or big- and all are worth cherishing.

🌸 Specifications 🌸

Recommended for ages 14 years and up
Material: Wood, cloth, paper, metal, plastic, resin, fabric, LED light
Dimensions: 16.1 x 9.2 x 22.5cmWeight About: 0.7kg without cover.
Toy type: DIY dollhouse
Includes easy-to-follow instructions
Needs: Scissors, knife, tweezers, pincers, battery, dust cover


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