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Moonlit Heaven

Moonlit Heaven Sakura Tree Sanctuary Lamp Block Toy Game Set

Moonlit Heaven Sakura Tree Sanctuary Lamp Block Toy Game Set

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🌸 Are you searching for a place where sakura petals blow on the breeze? 🌸

Have you ever wanted something fun and beautiful to enjoy creating? Something to challenge yourself and activate your mind? Something that you can use to take a break from screens and de-stress on your own or with loved ones? Play is an important part of life, and you deserve a new hobby to make life more delightful! Have you ever wanted a beautiful piece of art you can put on display and be proud of, a testament to your skill and patience? Something not only gorgeous, fun, rare and unique, but also functional? Moonlit Heaven’s Sakura Tree Sanctuary Block Toy Game Set is that and more, an experience packed full of benefits for the mind, body, and personal wellness!

🌸 Are you wondering what wonderful secrets await you? 🌸

Lower cortisol- People who make time for unstructured play report lower levels of cortisol, and in turn, better overall health, physical appearance, lower anxiety, and greater life satisfaction, no matter their age!

Strengthen your brain- Taking part in activities that require movement and planning are good for the mind. Have fun and let your future mind thank you later for ensuring its well-being!

Bring nature’s color to you- Immerse yourself in the great outdoors! The color green and shapes that remind you of nature, such as trees, flowers, and grass are proven to calm the mind and lower anxiety. Pink and brown will give you a feeling of comfort and safety. Get lost in a fantasy world inside the comfort of your own home and let your imagination run wild.

Take time away from screens- Are you prone to scrolling or getting lost in the latest news? Instead, you can enjoy this fun activity time and time again and enjoy the satisfaction of building something over a period of time. Studies show that the neurotransmitter dopamine is released when you have accomplished a task over time, instead of a constant overload that other such activities can trigger.

Share fun- Do you have loved ones that love creating, a family member, friend, or significant other? Complete your set with them and enjoy socializing and getting closer, then keep the finished product as a memory of your time together- or disassemble it and do it again!

Increase your dexterity- Hand-eye coordination is an important skill that can be lost over time if not honed.

Beautify your space- Grace your own sanctuary with the gorgeous view of sakura trees alight with fairy lights- it’s sure to make you smile and warm your heart by day or by night.

Shine your light- Decorate your finished creation with the included bewitching, glimmering lights to turn your Sakura Tree Sanctuary into an elven lamplight, perfect for reading fairytales by or setting next to your gaming battle station for a perfect kawaii touch. Its magic will be seen even by the light of the moon, so your displayed masterpiece can be seen by everyone!

🌸 Wouldn't a moment of play be just wonderful? 🌸

Have you ever wanted to create and imagine, and lose yourself in the fun of childhood games, but could never find a serendipitous opportunity to do so? Here is your answer! You will be enchanted as you enjoy the fun and satisfaction of piecing together a beautiful decoration piece that you can enjoy time and time again, a functional hobby that is a rare piece of decor to be proud of, which also sheds light on the world around you!
Sakura trees are symbolic of new beginnings, and of cherishing the fleeting nature of life’s many joys as they come. Not only will you be reminded of this important lesson every time you lay eyes upon your finished creation, or enjoy creating it alone or with loved ones, but unlike normal Sakura trees, its lovely blooms will remain for as long as you keep it alight- or until you disassemble it to enjoy creating it again! Its beauty will always be available- a testament to how beauty and hope can be found again and again in life no matter how dire the circumstances. Get yours today and bring nature’s wisdom to your home!

🌸 Specifications 🌸

Material: Plastic
Includes 2138 individual block pieces in a single set and LED lights 
Completed size: 18 x 17 x 15cm
Recommended for ages 6 years and up
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